The Bencistà Falorni story is over two centuries long and has its roots in a place that is rich in both culture and tradition:  Chianti.


Hard work, foresight, intuition and skill for business have always underlined and singled out the members  of the Falorni family that for generations have established themselves as one of the most representative families of this area, testimony to the philosophy of high quality, eating well and living healthily.


Consistently devoted to tradition, the family’s business is intertwined with historical context,

giving life to  current thriving commercial activities that today form part of a business group with over 120 employees and 50 dealerships.


Ambassadors of the genuine enogastronomic culture of Chianti  and multi prize winners, the Bencistà Falorni today export their products successfully all over the world and they  distinguish themselves by the prestigious acknowledgement of being one of the 150 businesses that are shaping Italian history.